American Democracy is Worth more than One Man's Ego

Donald Trump is losing and he knows it. 

But, he's not fighting back with policies or plans to inspire new voters. He’s stuck in a play loop of his own favorite hits -30 years in public service with nothing to show for it, experience but it's bad experience, deleted emails/lock her up - But now he’s tacked on a new one.  He’s using the power of hate and blame to create this illusion of a grand conspiracy against him.

And it’s not new. He’s been using this tactic since the primary. 

When Ted Cruz became too close to him, he stepped up the “Lyin’ Ted” rhetoric to include sexist personal attacks on Heidi Cruz’s and then a full blown conspiracy theory about Cruz’s father being involved in the assignation of JFK. 

And he talked about rigging.

In fact, after that subdued, and even respectful speech after coming second in Iowa every time the primary votes didn’t go his way he claimed it was because the system was “rigged”. 

If it went his way, perfectly legal. If not, rigged. 

In Trump’s mind, the only way he can lose is if the deck is stacked against him. Which is ironic for someone who has spent his entire life with the deck stacked in his favor. 

The election isn’t rigged Donald. You’re losing and you unfamiliar with the feeling.

See, Donald Trump product of the worst part of America. Of entitlement and special treatment, and rules not applying to you because of your status or your bank account or your gender. 

He didn’t earn his place at the table he was given it.

That’s the problem with having everything handed to you. The best schools. The top universities. A career. Multi million dollar loans and lines of credit and, apparently, absolutely no repercussions for sexist, racist, dishonest behavior. 

He can’t imagine a world in which someone like him, a winner, could possible lose so he's spinning a narrative in which he won’t. 

He won’t lose because the game is fixed. He’s actually winning it's just everyone else is conspiring against him. The media, the democrats, the FBI, the foreign governments in Hillary’s pocket, even his own party.

And whether Trump actually believes what he’s selling is irrelevant. There are millions of angry dispossessed confused people armed with Second Amendment laws that haven't been adjusted in centuries being riled up by this fear mongering, thin skinned, backed into a corner, demagogue talking about rigged elections and falsified media.

It’s a perfect storm. 

This isn’t just bad sportsmanship or a sore loser. 

This is the instigation of conflict and violence and complete breaking down of the system as we know it.

And the GOP is complicit in this. They are complicit by not disavowing Trump and his dangerous rhetoric. They are complicit after years of stoking the fire of Presidential legitimacy based Barak Obama’s birth and religion. They’re complicit though their use of arbitrary voter registration laws to disenfranchise certain “undesirable” voters and they are complicit in their continued use of gerrymandering to redraw district lines in their own favor. 

The GOP has been sowing the seeds of rigging and illegitimacy for years to their own benefit. 

You combine that with the egomaniacal dilettante they elected to lead their party. A man who appears to believe his losing would be an absolute impossibility and we could be ushering in a period of civil and political unrest the likes that we have never seen. 

Mike Pence is out there trying to smooth it all over but he’s failing. He's failing in the face of his own running mate's narrative about the corrupt and evil conspiracy that is subverting the will of the people. 

The Editorial board of the Washington post wrote: “The GOP should at least find the decency, the patriotism to declare that everyone respect the results of November 8th. To pursue their protests and disputes through legals channels not on in the streets. Surely that is not too much to ask of them.”

We have to remember our democracy is, it itself, an experiment. Our constitution, our bill of rights, the very workings of our system are still evolving. 

The only reason our democracy works at all is because we agree it does. 

It’s like money. Money only has value is because we collective agree that this piece of paper or these numbers on a screen mean something. Because they don’t. They’re arbitrary.  

It’s the collective belief that they do that makes it real. 

Democracy is no different.

The only thing that keeps this enormous, polarized country together is the peaceful transfer of power. That we all agree that when our votes are counted and the results are in those are our leaders. 

Regardless of your party affiliation you have to understand, if we start suggesting that election results are up for debate the very fabric of our country begins to decay.  

Democracy is mostly defined by what it’s not. It’s not totalitarianism, or authoritarianism, It is not socialism or communism. Not a monarchy or an oligarchy.

It’s not about the leader and what he or she wants. It’s about the people, the citizens, and what they collectively choose.

It’s one thing to say the the system needs fixing, that it’s antiquated or stalled. Or to question if portions of the media are biased towards a certain candidate, but it’s a completely different to infer the entire system is rigged. That the FBI is complicit in allowing a criminal to run for the presidency. That the media is maliciously feeding us lies. That the election is rigged at the ballot level. That the machines themselves have somehow been tampered with or that international enemies are using cyber warfare to steal the election from the American people. 

That, is a completely different thing. 

That's the kind of dogma that delegitimizes the entire system. 

And for what? 

One man's ego?

The right to tell women what to do with their bodies?

Less immigrants?

Campaign finance reform?

Donald Trump and Steve Bannon’s new right wing news channel?

We’re going to throw away the entire American experiment for that? 

That's pretty pathetic.