Totalitarian Regime


A totalitarian regime is an extreme version of an Authoritarian Regime wherein a government is run by a small group of leaders (often charismatic or mythologized) who base that leadership on an elaborately guiding ideology that claims control over all aspects of life and, in many cases, attempts to replace religion. A totalitarian regime is united under a single mass party or led by a dictator and does not tolerate ANY deviation from it’s ideology using a system of terror (instruments like violence and secret police) to keep people in line. A totalitarian government has a monopoly on the state's weapons and means of communications as well as the central direction and control of the economy. Regime opponents are persecuted, tortured or detained in concentration camps and members of ethnic minorities are often killed in mass executions (genocide).

Historic examples of totalitarian regimes include: “nazism” National Socialism (Germany under Hitler, 1933-1945) and Stalinism.